Learning for Sustainable Change den 10-11e april

Är du intresserad av att vara med i en 2 dagars workshop för hållbarhet? Anmäl dig här: https://www.facebook.com/events/176577323092173/

Mer om eventet nedan.

Learning for Sustainable Change. Malmö, April 10-11.

How can we learn collaboratively for our sustainability work? We are exploring this question with our 2-day, hands-on capacity building workshop and we would love to see you there.

We are very excited for this partnership between Malmö University and Legacy17 to deliver this 2-day capacity building workshop for sustainability practitioners, business, and civil society leaders.

This two-day workshop is addressed primarily to leaders and others seriously engaged in sustainability. The methodology, called Learning for Change, offers an effective format for planning and evaluation meetings as well as providing a basis for credible sustainability and social innovation work. Participants take home a toolkit for making the daily sustainability work more effective. It will be led by Marilyn Mehlmann (Rachel Carson award with decades of experience) and co-led by Andre Benaim.

Why should an organisation send its employees? 

We have strong reasons to believe that the skills built during the Learning for Change workshop can be easily brought back to the working environment and make your work and your team work more effective.

We spend much of our working time in meetings and doing team-work: both of them will have a productivity surge in effectiveness with a dedicated attendance to a programme like our Learning for Change event, which is one of the many reasons we are excited about offering it!

Perhaps a good reason to talk to the HR department and make the case for capacity building budget? There is a sliding scale, by which the organization saves money by sending their 2nd and 3rd employee, which we offer as a way to a) make it financially easier for organization to send more staff b) make it easier for more team members to develop skills they can later apply, and talk about, and have a shared language.