Book a planning meeting with us!

Storm is here for you who work or study at Malmö University. We offer an open environment and tools for exploring, experimenting and networking. We also offer you guidance and methods about how you can get a more creative workday, workshop, presentation or meeting. 

But how does it work? How can you utilize our methods and ideas? We asked our Innovation host Julia to explain how it works.

What is a planning meeting?

When you are planning an activity – whether it’s a workshop, conference or seminar, at Storm or elsewhere – you can always contact us for help. In a planning meeting, we discuss the goals and aims of your activity and how to reach them.

Why are they important?

It’s often easier to figure out the best way to do something while talking it through with someone. We can help your mind take a new route and ask questions you haven’t thought about before. Storm has a variety of digital tools, workshop methods and material that we can introduce you to during the meeting.

How do they work?

Make a room booking at or email us to book a meeting with one of the Storm team members. Planning meetings usually take around 30 minutes. No preparation is necessary, but we recommend thinking these questions through: What do we want to achieve? How much time do we have? Who is my target group?

Are you intrigued? Please contact us, and we can arrange for a planning meeting right away!