What is Storm?

To deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow, we need to think in new ways and we need to do it together. Making it happen takes a mix of perspectives, maybe an odd encounter and an open environment for the process. Therefore, Malmö University created Storm, a creative and inclusive venue.

Storm inspires and creates opportunities for students and staff from all over Malmö University to develop ideas and solutions that addresses current and future challenges. Always with a cross-disciplinary mindset and often in collaboration with our surrounding society.

What can I do at Storm?

The Storm space is located in the building Gäddan. There is a quite large room for workshops and seminars, a smaller room for presentations, and a kitchen for shorter meetings.



A hub for what?

There are many labs, workshops and other creative environments at Malmö University. Storm aims to be connecting hub for these places, for example the experiment environment at Orkanen, the media workshop, the Print LAB, the ”mekatronik” lab, Open Lab, ISU – Institute for Sustainable Urban Development, Forum for Social Innovation Sweden, Drivhuset, Institute of Interactive Objects, the Internet of Things lab, the photography studio, the studio for moving images, the game lab, Teaching Lab, Futurumkliniken and Centrum för akademiskt lärarskap.