Taking a break and concentrating on something completely different for a while is a great way to boost your productivity. To disconnect from work and shift focus to something new, allows for the brain to rest and recharge with energy. An intensive break can help you to focus, avoid stress and create a positive feeling.

Storm has a playlist at Youtube where we have gathered breaks that, perfect for the workday.

Below are some of our favourite breaks here at Storm

The spark

Here’s how you do it: Gather all the participants in a circle. Tell them to hold the hands of each other and to close their eyes (In bigger groups, divide the participants into smaller circles). 

Select one participant to start the spark. To pass the spark you squeeze the hand of the person next to you. If your right-hand gets squeezed you pass it on through your left hand and let the spark go from one hand through another around the circle. The circle should never be broken.  The spark can be varied by changing direction, sending more than one spark, etc. The kind of variations often makes the atmosphere a bit more rambunctious.

Count to 20

5-20 participants, 5-15 minutes 

Here’s how you do it: Gather all the participants in a circle and let them close their eyes. One person starts by saying “1” out loud. Thereafter someone else follows with “2” and so on up to “20” The break ends when the participants make it to 20 without breaking any of the rules. 

The rules: The enumeration should be done at random, and the participants are not allowed to create any kind of structure. It’s not allowed for one participant to say more than one number at a time and it’s not aloud for two participants to say the same number at the same time.

If the group doesn’t follow the rules they have to start all over again. If it takes too long you can shorten the break by counting to 10 or 15 instead.


5-40 participants, 2-5 minutes

Equipment: Bags with scented contents.

Here’s how you do it: Gather all the participants in a circle, preferably with their backs turned against each other, and then have them close their eyes. Pass the fragrance bags around and let the participants smell it. Then let the participants guess what is in the bag.

Listen for keys

5-25 participants, 1-3 minutes

Equipment: Bag, or something to collect the participants’ keys in.

Here’s how you do it: Gather all the participants’ key bundles in a bag. Let the participants close their eyes, then lift up one key bundle at a time and rattle them. Have the participants listen for their own keys and guess when it’s their key bundle that is being rattled. If it’s a larger group, all the keys can be collected, but only a few key bundles are being lifted so that the break doesn’t get too long. Don’t forget to return everyone’s keys!

Yoga on the chair

Here’s how you do it: Youtube has a large selection of guided clips for stretch and yoga, many of which do not require more space than the chair you already sit on. This is one of Storms favourite!


Here’s how you do it: Choose a quiet place with no distractions, then play the guided meditation. There are different types of meditation depending on the purpose of the break – a relaxing exercise is a nice ending in the afternoon, while a guided meditation about concentration is good as an introduction or as a break during the day.

Keep your distance

Here’s how you do it: Tell all the participants to, in secret, choose two other participants to use as “anchors”. Turn on the music and when the music starts, each participant must try to keep the same distance to both their “anchors”. When the music stops, let the participants tell each other who they used as “anchors”.

5 quick tips for creative breaks

5 quick tips for creative breaks Invite everyone for a creative fika, e.g a fika with unexpected combinations or with something that you build yourself. Chipp-bong pass it forward by saying chipp to the person next to you. When someone says Chipp-bong you change direction. You’re not allowed to show your teeths during the whole process.  Stretching on the chair (see our Youtube list for suggestions) Walk a few laps backwards Do follow-the-leader for a couple of minutes