The Spaces

The spaces at Storm

Storm is here for all students and staff at Malmö University – preferably in cooperation with other friends around us. Storm is located in Malmö University’s building Gäddan at Citadellsvägen 7. 

This is how the spaces at Storm are structured:

Storm consists of three rooms. Stora Storm – A big workshop-area perfect for seminars, workshops, and other creative meetings. Lilla Storm – a small pitch arena for presentations. Köket – which is ideal for shorter meetings or to get some work done. Note that the Kitchen is not bookable but can be used in consensus with us that work at Storm. More info on how you book Storm here.

Stora Storm

The room is equipped with everything you need to make a creative atmosphere possible. In Stora Storm you can find: 

12 tables that are easy to move and fold  64 chairs 3 big walls with magnetic whiteboard material  2  projectors that can show parallel screens or double screens Other workshop material such as fun props  Blackout curtains Sockets from the wall and a rig in the ceiling A movable wall-furniture with whiteboard surface, cork wall and magnetic plate A Smartboard on wheels perfect for shared notes or drawings

How would you like to set it up? 

Below are some examples on how you can furnish Stora Storm to your liking. Please remember to account for the time/people to set everything up before and to clean up after the event.

Workshop seating plan

For bigger groups, furnish the room with six tables. Let four of the tables have the same colored chairs, and the other two have mixed colors. The two tables with mixed colors allow for active exchange and a breakdown of groups. 

For smaller groups, furnish the room with four tables and a circle of chairs in the middle. This seating allows for focused work in smaller groups and offers at the same time a meeting point for all participants. 

Movie, Wifi or circle seating plan

Traditional seating plan with chairs in rows or in a U-shape, like a Wifi-symbol. Why not one color per row? These seating are perfect for panel discussions or pitching.

Are you in the need of a conversation where everyone can participate? Place the chairs in a circle. A conversation where you can see everyone creates a sense of participation and a good conversational climate. 

The + seating plan

This seating plan is great when you want to create dynamics between smaller groups and individuals. By being seated in organized chaos around a plus-shaped table you can turn in different directions depending on what competence you seek. 

Do you have any questions or which to discuss furnishing or seating plans to create a creative situation? Contact us at

Lilla Storm

The room has a built-in staircase furniture with different levels and is shaped like an amphitheater. It can fit a maximum of 40 people, however, we recommend a maximum of 15-20 people so that everyone gets their own space. The stairs and the pillows allow for a more relaxed and informal dynamic as opposed to the bigger room in Storm. 

The room is equipped with a whiteboard wall, a projector, and electrical sockets in the staircase and in the panel by the window.


Köket is not a bookable are but you are most welcome to sit there and use it if you have booked any of the other two rooms. The Kitchen has a big raisable table with 10 high chairs. The table is height adjustable.

The Kitchen also offers cutlery, glasses, mugs, pitchers, and plates for up to 20 people, a dishwasher and a microwave oven.