How to book Storm

The booking of Storm’s spaces is done through this booking form. Note that the time you need to set up before and to clean up after the event should be accounted for when booking.

Activities in Storm should contribute to making MAU a more innovative university (e.g. inspiration, trying out new ways of working, development projects etc.) or be a part of applying, developing or communicating ideas and results generated at the university (e.g. public outreach, collaboration projects, student and research innovation etc.). If your activity would be just as easy to do in a regular classroom, we might ask you to book one of those instead. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure, or want help on how to work creatively.

 If your activity will be an open event, we can help you to spread the information about the event through Storm’s channels. Email us the necessary information at

Access to our spaces

Storm is manned 09:00-16:00 during working days. If the spaces aren’t manned by our Stormers for the time of the event you will need a student guest card to be able to enter Storm. If you are a member of staff, we can give you access to Storm on your multi card. Contact us for more information.

You can find the availability for the two rooms in our calendars below.

Stora Storm

Lilla Storm