The Team

Patrik Berander
I have been with Storm ever since the process started a few years ago. Storm is a place for those who want to challenge our traditional structures within the university by expanding networks and changing constellations working towards problem solving. I am responsible for the tech in Storm.
Helena Ondrus
I have been working as an industrial designer in Malmö university since 2007. If you would like support in a process no mather the size I'll be glad to assist you. I love a challenge and complex puzzles and the idea of seeing multiple brains working together towards a common goal.
Karolina Rosenqvist
I begun as a communicator and have previously worked with strategic communication in both the civil defences and cultural sector. I have been with Malmö university since 2009 and other than Storm I work with Medea and IoTaP. I find Storm to be a neutral space where tons of skills can meet and form new formats.
Jenny Levhag

Workshop, movie night, science report – regardless of content, I make sure that we find the right communication tool and channel to spread the information and facilitate the creative process.