The Team

Patrik Bernander
I have been with Storm ever since the process started a few years ago. Storm is a place for those who want to challenge our traditional structures within the university by expanding networks and changing constellations working towards problem solving. I am responsible for the tech in Storm.
Helena Ondrus
Process Developer
I have been working as an industrial designer in Malmö university since 2007. If you would like support in a process no mather the size I'll be glad to assist you. I love a challenge and complex puzzles and the idea of seeing multiple brains working together towards a common goal.
Karolina Rosenqvist
Project Manager
I begun as a communicator and have previously worked with strategic communication in both the civil defences and cultural sector. I have been with Malmö university since 2009 and other than Storm I work with Medea and IoTaP. I find Storm to be a neutral space where tons of skills can meet and form new formats.
Julia Micanovic
Innovation Host
Curious about all the possibilities of Storm? Wondering what can be achieved here, or how we can help you develop something new? Talk to me! I’m responsible for bookings and taking care of our premises, and spend most of the work week in Storm.
Jenny Levhag
Communications Manager
I'm the communications manager for Storm. I will make sure it's easy and fun to find out what we do and how we can help you get new ideas off the ground. In addition, I'm host and here to make sure you get the help you need when you pass by.