Challenge and change what we do and how we do it

Today and tomorrow’s challenges demands us to think in a new way, and together. An odd meeting, a collisions of some sort or an open environment that allows this to happen could be just what we need. That’s why Malmö university created Storm, a creative and including venue.

Storm is an innovation hub that aims to challenge and change what we actually do and how we do it in a provocative way.

Storm inspires, takes the initiative and creates possibilities for students and staff from all over Malmö university to develop their ideas and solutions that take on present and future challenges. If this is done in a multidisciplinary way and in interaction with the outside world, even better!

What can you do in Storm?

Storm is an open and flexible environment that allows for cross-border cooperations. If you have an idea for a project as a student, come in and tell us about it and perhaps we can help you take it further.  If you want to host a creative workshop as a teacher, feel free to do so here. We would love to hear about your ideas. Storm is what WE make it. Contact us at or come to Storm and talk to our stormers; Julia and Emma. (9.00-15.00 hrs every week day)



Spaces in Storm

Storm is meant for all students and staff in Malmö University. Preferably in cooperation with friends around us. The more who use Storm the merrier and if it’s utilised in a fun and innovative way, even better! Storm is located at entry level in Malmö University’s building Gäddan at Citadellsvägen 7. 

Storm consists of three rooms. A big room called Stora Stormen, perfect for seminars, workshops and other creative meetings, a smaller pitch arena named Lilla Stormen for presentations and a third room called the Kitchen. The Kitchen is ideal for shorter meetings or to get some work done. Note that the Kitchen is only bookable together with the other two rooms. More info here.

To give you an idea of what Storm looks like, here’s a picture! 


Other Innovation Arenas

Storm – a hub for innovation

In Malmö university there are plenty of labs, workshops and other types of creative environments. In Storm we want to tie all of these places together so that they can be used more. A selection below: