Storm inspires you at Malmö University to create ideas and solutions for a better world

There is a lot of knowledge created within the walls of Malmö University. How do we make sure that it leaves a lasting impact, and contributes to a better world?

Storm is here for you who work or study at Malmö University. We challenge and guide towards innovative thinking; we make people meet and we highlight research and innovation to build upon. We offer an open environment and tools for experimenting, exploring, networking and getting inspiration.

That’s how we aim to create better conditions for developing and shaping our society.

How we work to make you think innovative



  • Give insight into what’s happening at Malmö University connected to innovation and research
  • Create events related to innovation and idea generation
  • Pave the way for transboundary meetings
  • Put events in a thought-provoking context
  • Give you methods and tools for a more efficient and open ideation



  • Create events where people of different functions and competencies are connected
  • Find new networking opportunities by opening up events
  • Act as a hub for the various innovation arenas at Malmö University
  • Help you find the way when there’s an idea you want to bring to life
  • Offer support and methods for networking events


We offer you guidance and methods for…

  • Presentation techniques
  • Efficient meetings
  • Concept development for events
  • Ideation
  • Problem-solving
  • Needs analysis
  • Process management
  • Innovation

Highlighting results


  • Help you reach out through digital channels with your research, work or project
  • Create events that add value to your dissertation defence, seminar or presentation
  • Help you present your work in a way tailored to your target group
  • Highlight research and innovation at Malmö University

Creative environment

We offer…

  • An accessible environment that is easy to shape for your needs
  • Flexible projectors and high-grade audio and lighting equipment
  • Support in concepting, planning and staging your event
  • Material and exercises that stimulate efficient meetings, workshops and more
  • Digital tools such as live streaming and video conferencing that bring people together

We exist so that you can join in shaping how new ideas are created.

You design Storm and we are here to help you!

Join in!

Here’s a lot going on at Storm! Welcome to join us on Facebook or Instagram to take part in our events, find inspiration and to get the picture of what’s going on in our world.

Welcome to contact us here or to drop by our spaces. To book our spaces go here.



2/11 – 13:00-15:00 Creative future systems: Co-design workshop

Interaction design students will introduce you to a set of tools that help unpack complex issues, speculate system changes, and provide a collaborative framework. This set of design tools might be useful in your work and research, saving time in terms of organization and documentation. Don’t miss out on this crash course in design thinking!

More info and sign-up here

8/11 – 9:00-12:00 A design thing

The students and teachers of the Co-Design course invite you to a Design Thing about city making and democracy. A “Design Thing” is a hybrid of a democratic parliament and an experimental laboratory where participants collaboratively “make” decisions through exploring matters of concern.

More info here

14/11 – 12:00-13:00 drivhuset nerdy time: branding

Join this workshop on your lunch break and learn the basics of branding.

More info here

15/11 – 09:00-17:00 Hoffice at Storm – A productive Co-working day for MAU staff

Everyone working at Malmö University is cordially invited to set up office at Storm (Gäddan, Citadellsvägen 7). Inspired by Hoffice, the day will be split into 45 minute silent working sessions with energizing breaks in-between. At the beginning of each session, everyone tells the group what they’re going to work on, and at the end of each session we check in with each other to see what we managed to get done.

More info here

Facebook event here

26/11 – 13:00-15:00 Guest lecture: Collaborative urban development in practice

Open lecture by Ph.D. Camilo Andrés Montoya Pardo.

This lecture seeks to explain the importance of the accumulation of social capital for citizens participation in large-scale urban projects. The lecture will point to a comparative study of the participatory processes of three major projects in Berlin, London and Madrid, intending to analyze the effectiveness of participative tools to create real possibilities for citizens empowerment. 

Facebook event here

28/11 – 12:00-13:00 Drivhuset Nerdy time: Private economy and budget

Join this workshop on your lunch break and learn how to manage your private economy and creating a budget.

For more info, contact Drivhuset

30/11 – 14:00-17:00  “Julskyltning” at Storm – A festive showcase of MAU research and innovation

Julskyltning [‘jʉːl,ɧyltnɪŋ] –  from jul (Christmas) + skyltning (display) – is a tradition in Sweden since the middle of the 19th century. It usually falls on the last weekend of November and marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities, where the shops start to prepare for the Christmas shopping by decorating their display windows with elaborate installations.

In honor of this, we would like to invite you to our very special Julskyltning at Storm! On Friday the 30th of November we will present a festive showcase of MAU research – in the coziest of Yule atmospheres. Come celebrate the end of our first year as Malmö University with glögg, pepparkakor and super interesting presentations by our most recent PhD graduates – among other surprises!

More info coming soon.


11/12 – 13:00-14:00 Akademisk dubbelkvart

En akademisk kvart är Malmö universitets populärvetenskapliga föreläsningsserie, där forskare får presentera sitt arbete på 15 minuter. På Storms akademiska dubbelkvart kombinerar vi två forskarföreläsningar och skapar en dialog.

More info coming soon.